Medical Staff testimonial

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Utilize it to chart cases at Delphi Hqtrs. Also to pull cases from other sites. I’m Medical Staff and use Medical, Non-Work Related, and Work Related packages.

BTW…I have never worked with a supplier that has been so sensitve and responsive to our needs. Your helpdesk is amazing! It is always a pleasant experience working with you guys. You always come up with a solution to the problems that occur. Your customer service is excellent.

Thank you very much.
(Maryanne Swanson, Delphi)

I’m a nurse and I use Medical, Medical Surveillance, and Scheduler packages.

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“All of the requests  I have made to the help desk were handled efficiently, courteously, and expediently. The medical portion and surveillance portions of the Pihms program are excellent for recording of all of the information that is gathered regarding an employee and/or patient. “ (Carol Lamere, Delphi)

pihms Absence Management Programs Gaining Recognition for Lowering Healthcare Costs

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pihms Signs New Leave Management Solutions Client and Renews and Expands Two Existing Contracts

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Taking the reins on absence management

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Employee Benefit News June 2010 issue is online with an article featuring comments from pihms CEO Pat Kalnas.

Leave Management Software combines with Wellness/Disease Management: A Prescription for healthy workplace productivity

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Leave management strategies are making Wellness, disease management, and preventive programs more powerful and effective management strategies.


How much is ‘Employee Absenteeism’ costing your company?

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Difficult economic times have put a strain on the business world, forcing companies to re-organize their business plans. Employers are working diligently to establish innovative, efficient ways to better manage costs and reduce or eliminate unnecessary expenses.

One of those expenses familiar to most of us is ‘Employee absenteeism.’ Studies continue to shed light on the fact that the cost of employee absence has considerable impact on a company’s productivity; yet, the majority of companies have made no attempt to analyze or control these costs!

According to the International Public Management Association for Human Resources:

“The cost of absences represents a growing burden on employers, and many organizations are using absence managers to help them track, manage, and reduce absences throughout the organization. According to CCH Inc., a Rosewood, Ill., company that provides employment law information for human resources professionals, unscheduled employee absenteeism costs an average of $755 per employee per year.”


Pihms, Inc – a new name for KCRS, Inc.

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KCRS, Inc, announced today that it will operate under the name of pihms, Inc. The new name, adopted from its Productivity Improvement Health Management Solution (pihms®), reflects the growing recognition of the product within the Human Capital Management industry.

“As we continue to grow, this change solidifies our identity as THE solution for employee productivity improvement and health management,” said Pat Kalnas, founder and CEO of pihms. “We can help companies prepare and manage the changing terrain of employee productivity to help build stronger companies in today’s changing economy.”